A Good Girl Long Weekend

Things/events/places I am currently loving!

1. PFW (Philippine Fashion Week) Spring/Summer 2013 & Roland Lirio

PFW s/s 2013 may be over but I still feel inspired and overwhelmed. Live blogging a number of shows was really something new and exciting. We were really panicky at first. It was so difficult to type, think, and take photos all at the same time! Fluctuating  internet connection wasn’t also helpful haha. Thank you to our mentor, Katherine Magsanoc and Rappler.com for the opportunity.

Among the shows that I’ve seen, I’m still in love with Roland Lirio’s collection. It was young, hip, and bright but still sophisticated and confident. He knows how to play with details, patterns, colors, and symmetry.

My favorites from Roland Lirio! Pictures from stylebible.ph and rappler.com

Roland Lirio’s Full Collection: http://www.stylebible.ph/gallery/popup/fashion-shows/4240#_MG_0955

Browse through these websites and experience pfw s/s 2013 http://www.rappler.com/life-and-style/fashion, http://www.stylebible.ph/philippine-fashion-week/spring-summer-2013, http://spring-summer.philippinefashionweeklive.com/2013/

P.S. While looking for some pictures guess who I spotted, HELLO NICOLE 😛

2. Cloud Atlas and Life of Pi (MUST READ AND MUST WATCH)

I am caught in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I started reading Cloud Atlas a few days ago (Back story: I’ve been trying to get my hands on this book for a few months now) but I was in Divisoria yesterday, waiting restlessly for the buttons that I ordered. I wandered off and found National Bookstore casually picked up Life of Pi, a book I’ve been meaning to buy after finishing Cloud Atlas. I was so bored I started reading it. Now I can’t decide which book to continue reading. Okay I’m letting FATE decide, HEADS for Cloud and TAILS for PI. I hope I can finish both books before the film adaptations come out.

I’m not sure which one is the original cover.


I got the latest cover but it would have been nice to have the original one.

Our lives are not our own, we are bound to others.

Life of Pi (Try to google it and find more book covers)

I have the movie poster version.

The trailer gave me goosebumps. Paradise by Coldplay was the perfect song

Btw, it was TAILS

3. Suede Loafer-style heels

Don’t you just adore a classic piece. It fits any outfit and looks good all the time. I have a pair of suede loafers flats in midnight blue (I love it too much I wear it all the time) but a little height wouldn’t hurt. Now I am obsessing over getting the perfect pair for Christmas.

A few hopefuls at SM Shoes and Bags first solo show during PFW s/s 2013. I’m checking Parisian asap. I hope they already have them. I know the outfits are lovely but focus on the shoes ladies 🙂 I’m eyeing the red one.Photo from SM Shoes and Bags Facebook page


When I have my own place, It will look like this. (Period)

Photos from Trendland.com


I have them stashed away in the “secret room” or my unkept office at home. Holiday Collection will be out really sooooon! 🙂 I promise!

xoxo, Fatima


Styling: The Alpha Woman

Who runs the world? The Alpha Woman does.

It was sparkling gold and fringe. Dress by Eric De Los Santos

“Creative directio  n and styling by Kai Magsanoc (@kaimagsanoc). Photography by Shaira Luna. Makeup by Kris Bacani. Hair by Jay Macasaddu. Modeled by Vanessa Andres at Mercator. Styling assistantsNicole Aquino and Fatima Yambao. Decor from Gifts of the Maharani.”

Just the right amount of sexy plus the luxe fur. Gown and fur coat by Eric De Los Santos

A spectacle of textures, colors, and patterns. Long Dress by Eric De Los Santos

I remember arranging all the gowns and dresses inside the closet of Alphaland Makati Place Showroom and imagining a fictional character in my head. A fine strong woman with class, elegance, and unparalleled style. She was like a dream.

It was divine. Gown by Kristel Yulo. Clutch by Amina Aranaz

A nice touch to all the rich colors. The softness and the color of the gown was perfect. Gown by Veejay Floresca.

I could only stare in awe. This is the dress. Long Dress by Rajo Laurel

See the full article and official pictures here: [Fashion Ed] The Alpha Woman

Styling: Nixon Unreleased and Unedited

A good mix of personality, style, and artistic passion. Soleil Ignacio, Freelance Illustrator The mural was painted on the spot. When I saw her artworks I went into a trance. It was beauty looking straight into your eyes. To see more of Soleil’s artworks check her blog at http://choleil.tumblr.com/ Allen Umali from SINOSIKAT Doing his thing. I love how this picture was captured, “in the zone”.

Artists are gifts from the gods. They keep the world beautiful and chaotic.

Pictures posted are for portfolio use only. 

Styling: SM Print Ads

One of our major projects for 2012 is styling for SM 🙂

We started last March with SM Summer 2012

 We got “kilig” after seeing the print ad in the newspaper and in SM Malls.

Of course we were a bit nervous before the shoot but getting cold feet was not an option. During the photo shoot, everything was really fun! It was work but we were all enjoying and loving the shots.

How can we not enjoy? Our favorite PRINTSESA (Ms. Zeth) was being her normal self.

After SM Summer, we did a few more SM ads and hopefully we get more 🙂

 SM Mother’s Day 2012.We love the chemistry between the 3 talents. It made the shoot easier, faster, and lovelier!

 With the SM Team.

SM Independence Day 2012. The kids were so adorable! I love their humour and random questions.

SM Father’s Day 2012. Matching outfits are always in style!

SM Teen’s Month 2012. We love the outfits 🙂

When I think about SM a phrase never fails to pop-up “We got it all for you” and then I start to sing it in my head. I confess, I am a SM baby, teenager, and semi-adult (okay adult is fine but adding semi makes me feel younger hihi). I like SM and I am loving their new series of ads. I love it not just because we styled it but it makes me think of SM as not just a shopping mall but a place were family and friends can celebrate special occasions, enjoy small things, and make moments count. -fatima

Just shot the Ad for august, get ready for gadgets, wacky faces and touch of neons 🙂

xoxo nicole & fatima

P.S. 90% of the outfits are all from SM Department store and major brands under SM.

NIXON Launch and OMG Awards

July 5, 2012, Thursday, Nixon Launch at Seventh High BGC High Street

(L-R) Fatima Yambao & Nicole Aquino

On Fatima: Floral top with low back and belt, Forever 21. Maxi Skirt, NIMA. Fringe Necklace worn as belt accessory, The REAP by Chynna Gonzales. On Nicole: Navy Blue top, Marc Jacobs. Leather Skirt from Korea. Black high heels, Pedro.

Nixon displays were very sleek.

(L-R) Guia, Ms. Joanne, and Lyza of New Trends with Fatima and Gayle

Tracy and Fatima with Kina of Aloha Boardsports

Sher, Charl of Aloha Boardsports., and HF Yambao

Mellor Matte Black/Gold and Mellor Cream. Thank you for the watch NIXON!

Nixon is officially distributed in the Philippines by FREESURF INC and NEW TRENDS International Corporation

It was a night of endless booze, new friends and lusting over Nixon watches. Everyone was having a good time with drinks on their hands while doing a little dancing on the side. The highlight of the event was….  our free watches! I got really excited! We did some styling for a Nixon photo shoot and we got free watches in return- more about the photo shoot next time. Kudos to the staff of Seventh High for being very accommodating, offering us drinks almost every 10 mins ha! 😀

The following night we attended the OMG awards but I forgot to bring the camera.. Fail!

But here’s the link to the list of winners 🙂 CLICK!

xoxo nicole & fatima

Can’t get enough of the girl who sang PEACOCK

If there’s one i-wanna-stand-on-my-chair-and-dance concert you should’ve watched this year (or last year for those in the US), it’s Katy Perry’s California Dreams Tour. I was able to watch her California Dreams 2011 Tour in Manila last Sunday, January 22, 2012 and can i just say, she was amazing!

Even though her concert got delayed by two hours due to technical difficulties, the wait was really worth it! For the opening act, US-based DJ, DJ Skeet Skeet performed some of his tracks. As soon as he came out, all of the people stood up and got ready to party! As for the concert, hands down to the whole California Dreams tour team! The production design was insane! Her costumes were gorgeous and she was just too cute!

Those laser lights were sick!

Talk about life-sized cold cuts

I watched with my family (my parents included) and we ended up dancing the night away! I was actually surprised when I saw that she had a lot of teen/tween fans during the concert. They were the cutest crowd! They were so prepared that they came to the concert in their tutus, colored wigs, and glow lights!

Super tear jerker moment

Before she sang “Firework”

I’m still on a Katy Perry high! For all of you who can’t get over the concert or for those who missed it, here’s her song, Firework, one of her favorite songs from her California Girls album. Enjoy!

Oh, I almost forgot!

Check out DJ Skeet Skeet’s music below!

DJ Skeet Skeet

*thanks for the photos, mother!



Many thanks!

We would like to thank all of you for making the first few months of Nima a success! From our first bazaar last August to our last bazaar (for the year) last weekend, we felt loved and greatly supported.

To our regular clients, thank you for always coming back and supporting us! Seeing familiar faces in our bazaars makes us really happy. Also, it makes us feel that we’ve been making people happy as well. 🙂

To our new clients, thank you for visiting us and for purchasing your first Nima garments! Meeting new and happy people in our bazaars always brightens our day. Hope to see more of you next year!

Sa aming mga sewers, drivers, and helpers, thank you sa oras na binigay niyo para maging matagumpay ang aming mga bazaar. Maraming salamat po!

To our families and friends, thank you so much for being there in times of need and pag wala lang. haha. Thank you for helping us with our errands, for keeping up with our weird schedule (and sleeping habits), and for visiting us during our bazaars. Super thank you for all the love and support!

We just felt so so blessed the past year. Again, many thanks to everyone! Cheers to a very meaningful 2011! See you all after the holidays!


Nicole and Fatima

PS watch out for La Dame’s new vintage collection!

Nima postcard 2011 collection

Hi friends!

So for the holidays, we decided to make postcards with pretty artworks from friends and various lyrics from our favorite Christmas songs. We got so excited (and we felt like being a little artsy. haha) about the holiday season that we made something special for all of you!

So if you’re also feeling a little artsy this Christmas, check out our postcards and be inspired to make your own!

Make your own Christmas postcards and send them out to your friends. Giving them anything personalized will make them feel extra special this holiday season. 🙂

Check them out!

this one’s for the sophisticated traveler

this one’s for the wanderer

this one’s for the bohemian/adventurer

this one’s for the artist

Aren’t they purtty? 😀

Special thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Model: Ann Labung and Audrey Orallo
Photographer: Justin Paolo Reyes Mendoza
Assistant photographer: Karl
Make-up artist: Patricia Milanes
Stylists: Nicole Aquino, Fatima Yambao
Postcard design: Fatima Yambao
Artwork (text – 2nd picture from the top): Danika Navarro
Special thanks to: Pau Yap and Kim Yambao


Nicole and Fatima